Legacy Board


Al Oguin

Al Oguin, longtime Midstate Bass Angler, passed away on January 27, 2022.  Al was a United States Marine Veteran. He was a member of Both Mid State and Ibaa bass clubs. He was a great friend and fisherman who will be missed.


Ken Lohse

Kenny was a one of a kind jewel. His Love for fishing,golf and friends showed. He was a very humorous person always telling great tails. I hope he is enjoying catching big fish and perfect rounds of golf. He will be missed from all who knew him.


Rich "Loggy" Logsdon

Rich "Loggy" Logsdon was a long term member with IBAA and now Mid state Illinois Bass. He was the editor of Backlash for many years. Held five MR.Bass titles. He was very competitive when out fishing against other fisherman.He will be missed